Monday, July 28, 2008

Air Travel to End Soon - July 28, 2008

The local paper ran an article about the troubles of the airline industry. Last year they had 31 billion in expenses and 5 billion in profit, this year their expenses have almost doubled to 51 billion. Salem is losing it's airline service, after having it for about a year. Some of you may be surprised that this small town has airline service, and if you saw the tiny airport you'd be even more surprised. The airline is pulling out because of insufficient passengers. Another article was promising that we'd restore the service soon; I don't think it's ever coming back (and no great loss in my opinion). What's more, I think this year we will see that air travel is no longer an option for the average person. First because of the expense, and second because the airlines will no longer offer it for many routes.

What will happen to the economies based on the availability of air travel? Things like hotels, restaurants, convention centers, city budgets? As these businesses are forced to cut back due to diminished revenue, people will lose their jobs. As these people spend less, other businesses will be impacted, furthering the cycle.

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